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Nitro Crew offers a variety of wheels from the worlds leading brands. To make your choice easier be sure you check out the kustomizor by wheeldemon. This will allow you to choose your exact vehicle along with the colour, size and style.

Nitro Crew Wheels and Tyres provide the best in wheels from major brands at the best prices in Brisbane. Nitro Crew Wheels and Tyres guarantees high-quality product for your vehicle and back by structural and finish warranties. We have access to your common vehicles like Holden, Toyota, Hyundai, Mazda, Ford to name a few through to out of the ordinary fitments like Nissan, Dodge, Jeep, Suzuki, Fiat and other European vehicles.

We have suppliers that have the wheel you like to be made custom to suit your vehicle depending on the modifications done and the look you want to achieve for your pride an joy. This is because they bring the wheels in blank so they can drill and machine the wheels to suit your vehicle fitment.

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If you are chasing a full custom alloy wheel fitment for a project car like a Valiant, F series truck or a pre’ 1980 vehicle makes download this form to assist with the wheel measurements required.

This is the measurement directly across the face of the wheel it is the ‘R’ when you look at the tyre size. This is where people will normally upgrade to a larger diameter which gives you more wheel and less tyre sidewall.

Wheel width is basically the measurement from the front to back of the rim. Some European vehicles run a staggered fitment from factory. This means the front wheels width is lower than the rear wheel width but they still have the same diameter example; (front)20x8.5 (rear) 20x10


This is probably the most confusing for people when purchasing wheels and wanting that ‘flared’ look especially in 4WD and Performance set ups. Customers talk about ‘filling the guards’ or wanting ‘poke’ this is all in the offset not the width of the wheel.

  • Positive Offset: Brings the wheel in towards the body of the vehicle.
  • Positive Offset Identification: The rim is shallow and has minimal dish on the front lip
  • Negative Offset: Will bring the wheel out toward the guards and away from the cars body.
  • Negative Offset Identification: The rim has a deep lip on the front and the spoke are set back.
If you are looking for a unique set up for your vehicle it is always best to consult us to ensure the wheels you order perfectly fit without any scrubbing on the suspension components or the guard of the vehicle. If you’re spending the money, you will want to get it right the first time!


This is the measurements between each bolt on the wheel. Most common of 4 stud vehciles is 4/100, Ford have their 5 stud at 5/114.3 as common and Holden are 5/120. Common PCD on 4WD is 6 stud at 6/139.7.

Once again if you are unsure especially on trailers and caravans bring the spare wheel down to the crew and we will be more than happy to measure it up and make sure by using our PCD measurement gauge we have in both stores!


Centerbore is the size of the hole in which the wheels centre cap fits. This ensures that the wheel fits snug on the hub of the vehicle, it is important there is no gap in between the wheel centre and the hub of the car. Some wheels will come with a bigger centre than your vehicle, if this is the case wheel suppliers will send out as an accessory a CBL (Centre Bore Locating) ring. This fits into the back of the wheel to fill the gap to ensure the wheels hub locate and aren’t being located by the wheel nuts which can cause vibrations, all must match so that the wheel sits flawlessly, centred on the hub, to eliminate any vibrations at higher speed.

When you are in the market for wheels it can get technical, so below is a few pointers in ‘wheel talk’ to ensure you have an understanding as to what our expert crew is talking about when you call!