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The Azenis FK510 marks a milestone in Falken Tyre’s history. Having won accolades around the world, the tyre was launched in Australia earlier this year with big claims. Claims which have been validated with the FK510 winning the 2018 Wheels Tyre Test.

“Being the flagship ultra-high performance tyre of Falken, it had to be packed with features,” explains William Ng, Marketing Manager Falken Tyres Australia. “The engineers did a superb job at developing our best ever passenger car tyre and the FK510 backs up everything it says it would do.”

The Azenis FK510 was engineered to perform and boasts of technology rarely seen in a street tyre. The Adaptive Constant Pressure pattern design, hybrid undertread cap ply and 4D Nano Design all translate to real world performance and superior dry handling. The Falken felt “immediately grippy on the slalom, with almost no sliding whatsoever,” declared Renato Loberto, test driver for the Wheels Tyre Test.

The other features of the FK510 – switchback siping and variable sipe depth – offers outstanding wet weather performance. “Incredible grip in wet cornering; almost no sliding at all doing 73km/h,” commented Renato, “even though it only needed to complete the exercise at 60km/h.”

Nathan Ponchard of Wheels Magazine, goes on to further explain; “the worst performing tyre in the wet took more than four metres longer to stop than our braking champion, the Falken Azenis FK510.”

Having placed no less than a top three finish in all of the five components of the test, “the Falken Azenis FK510 is one of the strongest performers we’ve ever had in a Tyre Test,” Nathan Ponchard elaborates. “Super-quick and consistent, in both lateral G and stopwatch results, combined with competitive levels of road noise, sounds like the sort of tyre we’d happily recommend to anyone.”

Why does my car need a wheel balance?

A wheel balance is important to ensure your vehicle runs smoothly, comfortably and ensures long life out of your tyres and suspension components. Once tyres are fitted they need to be put on a wheel balancer to ensure the wheel doesn’t vibrate through the car or steering wheel which can be a discomfort but fatigues tyres and suspension parts from constantly bouncing on the road.

How often should you get your wheels balanced?

Wheel balancing should be part of your routine maintenance on your car and we recommend every 10,000kms or when you feel your car shaking.

How much does wheel balancing cost?

Balancing ranges from $7.50 a wheel through to $15 depending on the type of wheel, size of tyre and what weights need to be used. We use a state of the art Hunter wheel balancer which is touch screen, has a more sensitive spline for pin point wheel weight placement and shows static and dynamic variances with the tyre and wheel which proves much more accurate than a conventional wheel balancing machine.

The wheel alignment machine is the most expensive asset in a professional tyre shop. We use the state of the art Hunter Camera aligner which provides precision when aligning a vehicle’s wheels. The vehicle needs to be test driven before the process is done and this happens on a specified ramp with the alignment system set up around it. People commonly get wheel alignment and wheel balance mixed up.

Why does my car need a wheel alignment?

Both being an integral part of systematic maintenance, the alignment ensures your vehicle is set to maximise comfort, mileage, safety and control. Regular wheel alignments will ensure your vehicle is tracking correctly and all axles are in sync to ensure maximum mileage on your tyres, handling and fuel economy. A sign that your car needs an alignment can be pulling to one side, tyre wear on just on edge only of the tyres, steering wheel off centre and whenever you hit something like a pot hole or gutter hard.

When should I get a wheel alignment?

As part of our TLC program we recommend a wheel alignment be carried out routinely every 10,000kms or when you encounter a big hit from a gutter, kerb or pot hole.

As part of our service, we always recommend a wheel alignment be done when purchasing new tyres to ensure they wear regularly from the first day to ensure maximum mileage and stop premature wear.

Most customers always see an improvement in fuel economy when we have done a tyre service including, tyre pressures, balance and wheel alignment. A wheel alignment can take anywhere from 20 minutes through to a few hours depending on the type of vehicle, suspension set up, type of vehicle and how much adjusting is required. We look at all aspects including camber, caster and toe, commonly toe is the only adjustment changed at some tyre shops but this is not a full wheel alignment.

We always give our customers before/after specs so we can explain what we have changed and why, not only to educate our customers but to show them they are getting what they pay for. If your current tyre retailer doesn’t offer a print out how can you be sure they are doing the wheel alignment?

Our costs on wheel alignments is $59 for front, $69 for front and rear and if we need to do any camber/caster adjustment or shims on older vehicles we charge this anywhere from $21 through to $120 depending on the time and amount of shims required.

With so many cars on the road, and the time spent daily on the road, it is unfortunately inevitable that a driver will come across the occasional punctured tyre. It is inconvenient but an easy fix if taken to one of our stores.

What is the tyre repair process?

Back in the day rope plugs were commonly used. These aren’t a legal and safe long term repair to a radial tyre. These rope plugs are still common practice for 4WDs that need to seal any hole which would cause them to be stuck out bush. If a tyre place is only charging less than $30 for a repair be sure to ask if they are using a safe and industry standard combi plug. In simple terms you get what you pay for.

Nitro Crew only uses combi plugs which is the legal, safest and industry standard procedure for a tyre that has a repairable puncture. These combi plugs are an internal plug that seal from the inside of the tyre out to the tread. They last the life of the tyre when installed properly.

Never try to fix a punctured tyre yourself or through a YOUTUBE video!

How do I know if it’s a tyre repair or replacement?

Most repairs can be repaired however anything penetrating the tyre from the edge down through sidewall to the bead area is non-repairable and not only illegal to repair it is very unsafe. It is not worth the risk to do a repair on a tyre in these areas for the sake of $30 which could cause injury or worst case scenario cost someone’s life!

Sometimes even a repair that can be fixed can become non-repairable after the tyre has been stripped off the rim. Some tyres are driven on for too long with low pressure. This creates a lot of heat internally and literally melts the sidewall. Sometimes you can see the run flat line externally, but once the tyre is off the rim, the melted rubber is found inside. If your tyre has been run flat, the inside of the tyre will have powdered rubber inside which has perished from the sidewall.

Tyre punctures aren’t completely avoidable, but there are some tips to try and help avoid them.

  1. Always stick to the middle of the road. Most debris lie on the fringes of the lanes and traffic islands.
  2. On rainy days, the debris always runs off onto the side of the road or fringes just past the white lines.
  3. Keep your tyre pressures up, this will ensure the sidewall and shoulder of the tyre aren’t in contact with the road and only the middle and shoulder is in contact slightly. So, if you happen to get a puncture it only will go through the part of the tyre that has pressure on it from the weight of the vehicle.

Tyre fitting should only be done with the correct equipment and by a trained professional. Tyre fitting can be dangerous due to the air pressure used and failure can result in serious injury and sometime death. People need to use a respectable tyre retailer to ensure they get the safest fitment possible when the need arises for new tyres.

How do you know when tyres need changing?

Most people often realise this on a rainy day and they seem to lose control of their car, or feel the characteristics of the car response and grip through the steering wheel. Most tyres will grip well in dry conditions – even with low tread – but in the rain, is when people notice the tread is getting low. This is due to the fact there is no traction on the tread itself.
The most common causes of premature wear and shortening the life span of tyres include inconsistent maintenance of air pressure, wheel alignment and damage caused by pot holes, gutters, kerbs and road hazards such as nails, timber or steel.
Most people don’t see the inside edge of their tyres because it’s hidden behind the guards and body of the car. In most cases, people are shocked when they see how bald the tyres are on full lock.

Can I fit my own tyres?

With the accessibility of internet in everyone’s pockets, people can self-diagnose sickness, build a house and even fit their own tyres. The internet makes it look easy but without investing in the correct specialised equipment, you can do more harm than good.

Our process

The crew at Nitro Crew are trained professionals and we know what we are doing. Our customers’ safety as well as our own staff is the #1 priority. The process normally takes 20-30mins depending on the tyre size and if the vehicle has steel rims or alloys. It is important to ensure the tyres are fitted correctly to ensure safety, comfort and longevity on your tyre investment. We highly recommend a wheel alignment to ensure your car leaves our store with everything balanced, aligned and correctly set up.
If your tyres are due for changing, or if you haven’t had them check in a while for alignment, balance, rotation or pressures, then fill out our online quote form and have one of our staff call you to find a convenient time.

A mechanic is changing a tire on a automobile

From budget to premium brands, we’ve got a range of Performance/UHP tyres to suit a variety of requirements. At Nitro Crew we are 100% committed to improving the safety and handling of your vehicle. Performance tyres come in directional or asymmetric tread design. Most common being the asymmetric for its quieter ride and cornering performance. The majority of these tyres are built for wet grip, handling and reduced braking distance. Due to the compound being softer, the mileage in these tyres are sacrificed for the handling and performance.

Performance Tyres Quick Facts

Some of the manufacturers like Falken and Nexen are offering some additional warranties on their range which proves excellent value for money. Both Falken and Nexen have a free Road Hazard Warranty (RHW) attached to them when you purchase two or four tyres. The RHW provides great peace of mind because the performance tyres are expensive to replace and there are hazards on the road beyond your control. If you were to accidentally damage the tyre due to a pot hole, gutter, non- repairable puncture or any damage where the tyre needs to be replaced; this RHW covers you for the cost of a new replacement. The RHW varies and T&C are attached so ask one of the crew to explain the RHW in depth if this appeals to you.

Whatever you’re looking for in a passenger tyre, from budget to high-performance, we have the right tyre solution for you. At Nitro Crew we are 100% committed to improving the safety and handling of your vehicle, providing quality tyres. From budget to high-performance, we carry the leading brands to cover every individual drivers needs and desires. We have tyres that give you extended warranty for road hazards beyond your control in where the manufacturer will replace the tyre free!* We have tyres that come with a mileage guarantee, and tyres to suit someone that drives their pride and joy and the track with semi slick patterns available. *Terms and Conditions Apply

At Nitro Crew, we will always shop around for the best deal each month across all the brands to ensure we have the best possible tyre in each price range to ensure you get the best deal every month. We will advise on the right tyre to suit your vehicle and driving habits to ensure we and the tyre sold to you has met your expectations and you’re 100% fully satisfied.

What Are The Different Tyres Available?

When purchasing passenger tyres, you can come across asymmetric tread patterns, conventional and directional. The directional are not as common these days as they become too noisy and the demand for them is low. The most common tread pattern used these days is asymmetric. The asymmetric tread as it provides a quitter quieter ride, increased cornering performance and superior wet weather traction.

What Make Tyres More Expensive Than Others?

Defining the difference between a budget brand, middle range and premium tyre brands can be hard to the tyre novice. If you line them all up the tread patterns can be very similar, so why pay the extra for a name brand?

The compound used is what defines a tyre as they all perform well in dry conditions, but as soon as you add rain into the mix this is where the compound plays a big part and not just the tread design. You find in the mid to premium brands the carbon black they use to make the rubber is of better materials and the raw materials are more superior. With the addition of Silica compound added to the carbon black this is where the tyres handling, longevity and wet weather performance really kicks in. Silica compound ensures the tyre grips better on wet roads, and runs the tyre cooler in hot conditions. whichThis provides more life and, lowers rolling resistance which improves fuel economy. The Silica compound is and also more cut and abrasion resistant which safe guards against unwanted punctures and damage.

With all these benefits, it is more economical most of the time to spend the little bit extra to get the better compound as the budget tyre want won’t perform or last as long. Spending a little more will ensure you don’t need to replace the tyres as quick and you have more piece of mind driving the car in Tyre wet conditions. and Additionally, if you need to brake in an emergency you know you will pull up a lot shorter and this could be a life-saving decision.

Maintenance Tips

Maintenance plays a big part once you have replaced your tyres. It is so common for people to forget to maintain tyre pressures once the tyres are put on. The biggest killer in tyres is heat, so the less air you have in the tyre the more heat build- up which rapidly wears the tyre and reduces fuel economy and safety as you have less tread footprint in contact with the road.

Once you have visited Nitro Crew and replaced two2 or more tyres and completed a wheel alignment, we place a sticker on the windscreen to remind you of recommended tyre pressures and when you are due back for a Tyre Life Check we call the TLC (Tender, Love and Care). We also set up a courtesy SMS system as well as give you our TLC card which gives you capped pricing on a complete check every 10,000kms.

At Nitro Crew, we are all about asking the right questions to guide you into the best 4WD tyre to suit the conditions you drive in, and the expectations you desire from the tyres you choose. Everyone uses their 4WD (4 Wheel Drive) for various conditions, so it’s important you invest in the right tyre brand and pattern to meet your expectations.

Choosing or getting sold the incorrect tyre can lead to years of frustration and possibly needing to change the tyre prematurely due to you being unsatisfied with its performance. For example, if you do 90% road driving then getting an All-Terrain tyre is not the best choice. Why? Because you sacrifice 40% of the tyres on road performance to gain 40% off road performance. This can result in a noisy and uncomfortable tyre to drive on sealed road conditions for most of the tyre’s lifespan.

We offer a wide range of 4WD/SUV tyres including All-Terrain (A/T) Tyres, Mud-Terrain (M/T) Tyres and Highway-Terrain (H/T) Tyres. We will recommend a tyre that meets your expectations and best suits the conditions you drive in.


4WD Tyre Types

AllTerrain (A/T)

The most popular tyre pattern we sell in our stores due to the Queensland lifestyle and having the Islands and some great hinterland 4WD off road tracks on our doorstep. The A/T tyres have come a long way in the past few years in finding a great balance between 50% on road and 50% off road. The A/T tyre suits a driver that spend close to half the year in off road conditions. Most drivers that do around 30% off road, however, tend to choose the A/T over the H/T because they are willing to sacrifice on road noise to gain that extra performance when they do venture off-road.


Highway-Terrain (H/T)

The second most popular tyre pattern we sell is the Highway-Terrain. This tyre is suitable for the driver that uses the car predominately on the road. This tyre delivers a quiet ride with a closed tread pattern and compacted shoulder and tread design to minimise road noise. Generally, the H/T tyres will perform in the sand quite well.


Mud-Terrain (M/T)

The Mud-Terrain is for the unique 4WD enthusiast that only tackles the off road tracks. The aggressive open tread pattern provides superb traction in muddy conditions due to the tread patterns being specifically designed for harsh off-road conditions. When these tyres are designed, on road handling does not play a part in the benefits and features. When a customer asks for an M/T specifically, you know they love a good off road track.

We are not aligned with any manufacturers. We sell tyres that we have seen personally meet customers’ expectations, and delivered on performance. This has worked well for us as we find that customers are happy to hand over their keys and ask for the exact same tyre to be fitted again. Our biggest sellers in the 4WD range have been Pirelli ATR, Toyo AT2, BFG KO2, BFG KM2, Hankook RT03, Hankook RF10, Nexen AT Pro, Nexen Roadian RH5, Sailun TerraMax A/T, Sailun CVR, Falken Wildpeak H/T. All of these brands have proven great value for money and excellent performance in their category across a wide range to suit customers’ budgets.


What does one of our 4×4 services include?

All our tyre prices include fitting, electronic balance, new valve and tyre disposal. We generally need the car for approximately 1hr – 1.5hrs.

The Falken ZE914 is a Premium Touring Summer tyre designed to be fitted to a Passenger Car.

The tyre features an asymmetric tread design with four wide circumferential grooves. These make the tyre extremely resistant to hydroplaning whilst also providing stable and reliable performance on both wet and dry road road surfaces.

The tyre has also been constructed with Falken’s special “Ecorun Compound” which works to reduce the tyre’s rolling resistance, therefore using less fuel.

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