Tips On Choosing Passenger Tyres

Tips On Choosing Passenger Tyres
Whatever you're looking for in a passenger tyre, from budget to high-performance, we have the right tyre solution for you. At Nitro Crew we are 100% committed to improving the safety and handling of your vehicle, providing quality tyres. From budget to high-performance, we carry the leading brands to cover every individual drivers needs and desires. We have tyres that give you extended warranty for road hazards beyond your control in where the manufacturer will replace the tyre free!* We have tyres that come with a mileage guarantee, and tyres to suit someone that drives their pride and joy and the track with semi slick patterns available. *Terms and Conditions Apply At Nitro Crew, we will always shop around for the best deal each month across all the brands to ensure we have the best possible tyre in each price range to ensure you get the best deal every month. We will advise on the right tyre to suit your vehicle and driving habits to ensure we and the tyre sold to you has met your expectations and you’re 100% fully satisfied.

What Are The Different Tyres Available?

When purchasing passenger tyres, you can come across asymmetric tread patterns, conventional and directional. The directional are not as common these days as they become too noisy and the demand for them is low. The most common tread pattern used these days is asymmetric. The asymmetric tread as it provides a quitter quieter ride, increased cornering performance and superior wet weather traction.

What Make Tyres More Expensive Than Others?

Defining the difference between a budget brand, middle range and premium tyre brands can be hard to the tyre novice. If you line them all up the tread patterns can be very similar, so why pay the extra for a name brand? The compound used is what defines a tyre as they all perform well in dry conditions, but as soon as you add rain into the mix this is where the compound plays a big part and not just the tread design. You find in the mid to premium brands the carbon black they use to make the rubber is of better materials and the raw materials are more superior. With the addition of Silica compound added to the carbon black this is where the tyres handling, longevity and wet weather performance really kicks in. Silica compound ensures the tyre grips better on wet roads, and runs the tyre cooler in hot conditions. whichThis provides more life and, lowers rolling resistance which improves fuel economy. The Silica compound is and also more cut and abrasion resistant which safe guards against unwanted punctures and damage. With all these benefits, it is more economical most of the time to spend the little bit extra to get the better compound as the budget tyre want won’t perform or last as long. Spending a little more will ensure you don’t need to replace the tyres as quick and you have more piece of mind driving the car in Tyre wet conditions. and Additionally, if you need to brake in an emergency you know you will pull up a lot shorter and this could be a life-saving decision.

Maintenance Tips

Maintenance plays a big part once you have replaced your tyres. It is so common for people to forget to maintain tyre pressures once the tyres are put on. The biggest killer in tyres is heat, so the less air you have in the tyre the more heat build- up which rapidly wears the tyre and reduces fuel economy and safety as you have less tread footprint in contact with the road. Once you have visited Nitro Crew and replaced two2 or more tyres and completed a wheel alignment, we place a sticker on the windscreen to remind you of recommended tyre pressures and when you are due back for a Tyre Life Check we call the TLC (Tender, Love and Care). We also set up a courtesy SMS system as well as give you our TLC card which gives you capped pricing on a complete check every 10,000kms.